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Flying Instructor

Flying Instruction

I am a fully qualified Commercial Pilot and Flying Instructor.  I am based at Redhill Aviation at Redhill Aerodrome, Surrey.  I have taught many students through their Private Pilot Licence qualification, but I currently mainly specialise in aerobatic flights.  Redhill Aviation can be contacted on 01737 822 959 to book a flight.

Picture 013.jpg

The Extra at Cambridge

Fully aerobatic 2-seater aircraft.

8 year old Max at the controls on his first ever aerobatic flight.

PPL tuition can be logged from 14 years old, and you can do your first solo from 16 years (ability dependant).
You can achieve your PPL licence as young at 17 years old...but you can be any age to enjoy a trial flight or an aerobatic flight.

Dorking loop.jpg

Inverted over the Surrey countryside...The only way to fly!

Aerboatting is a real thrill!  Experience loops, rolls, stall turns, spins, and cuban rolls etc.

Hangar 9

This photo was taken in front of the Stampe in Hangar 9 at Redhill Aerodrome by professional photographer, James Willment.

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