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I have a Level 2 certificate in Gym Instructing and Fitness Instructing. And a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (Practitioner). Both of these qualifications awarded by YMCA-Fitness Industry Training.  I am registered with CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity): membership #375505, and I am fully insured with UK Coaching.


My training background

From a young age I was interested in strength and conditioning, and spent my formative years training at "Keith's Gym", owned by Keith Fairhead, a former successful International Powerlifter.  I do train clients in all aspects of fitness, but I do consider strength training to be my speciality.



Flexibility is extremely important for all aspects of health and fitness.  Stretching is always included in any of my training sessions, but I can offer specific flexibility sessions to include dynamic and PNF (Propriceptive Neuro Facilitation) work.



For many years I worked as a Karate Instructor, running my own very successful league winning clubs.  I held black belt, Dan grades, in four different styles of Karate, competing to International Level.

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Competition Prep

I can help competitive lifters with their competition training and prep.  I can also attend competitions with you to assist you with warming up and weight selections on the day.
Here is a novice powerlifter I have trained, successfully lifting a 125kg deadlift at just 50 kg bodyweight, and at just her second ever competition.


Padwork sessions

These are not fighting/sparring training, but an all round fitness session utilising the pads and gloves for a combination of cardiovascular work, footwork and upper body conditioning.


"Polework" classes

Based upon the popular polework training done by riders on horseback, I can offer polework sessions on foot.
The sessions are aimed at groups of riders (although this isn't compulsory!), and I will travel to your stable yard and give the session.  All is required is an area to exercise in and an abundance of horse poles.
The sessions are run in a circuit format with different difficulty levels available at each station meaning that this is perfect for mixed age and ability groups.


Resistance band workouts

Not everybody wants to go to a gym. Some people think that they may feel a bit intimidated, some people may feel a little embarrassed, or you may not like the idea of lifting free-weights. I can come to you, in the privacy of your own home, to train you on your own or in a group, using resistance bands. I can give you an all body workout or a workout for individual muscle groups. Contact me for details. Thank you.

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